Plane Swing arrives at the Academy at Desert Springs

Neil Evans is delighted to announce the arrival of the state of the art Plane Swing Training Aid at the Academy at Desert Springs. Plane Swing is designed to give golfers a feel for the perfect golf swing. Use of the trainer can give golfers greater distance, more power, improved accuracy and greater consistency. Plane Swing is used by teaching professionals across the globe and this one is only the second to be installed in the whole of Spain.

The Plane Swing is perfect for golfers of all ages and skill levels, it suits men and women, juniors and seniors and left or right handed players. The trainer itself has an adjustable steel hoop which is calibrated for each individual, to set the ideal swing plane for each person. The hoop is used with the Power Slider which is a weighted club designed to build and condition the muscles needed for the perfect swing. There are three versions of the Power Slider, the Standard which simulates using a driver through to a 5 iron, the Short which simulates a 6 iron through to wedge and the Lighter Standard which is ideal for juniors, ladies, seniors and anyone returning from injury.

Many golfers will have used similar training aids at clubs in the UK but, having used both the Explanar and the Plane Swing, Neil’s view is: “Plane Swing has taken the concept of the swing trainer and modified it to provide lasting results – it is, without a doubt, the best training aid I have used”

New Club Hire Partnership

We now have a partnership with a leading club hire company providing club hire and return at the airports closest to our resorts. Just click on the link on our Home Page to see further details and to book your clubs.

Packages for Corporate Customers

In addition to our very popular public packages, we are now able to offer specific packages tailored to Corporate clients. These can be shorter than our normal breaks if needed, and include additional extras such as competitions, award ceremonies and can be linked in with conferences or any other special incentives or events.

As each company will want something different, these will all be done on a bespoke basis, providing you with exactly what you want for your customers or your employees.

Just get in touch, let us know what you are looking for and we will put the right package together for you.

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